Greetings!-from America and Hong Kong

Hello! My name is Robert Duanmu, a Coordinator for International Relations within the JET Program. It has been eight months since I have arrived in Japan and while not completely, I feel that to a certain degree I have finally managed to integrate into Japanese society. From this April and onward I will begin working at the Miyagi International Association. 

While I am an American citizen, I actually moved to Hong Kong during middle school and have lived there until graduating high school, just over six years. And while in that sense I guess you could say that I am familiar with Asia, but I still cannot speak Chinese, which is a little embarrassing. However, there have been many bilingual people around me in high school, and from their influence I was determined to finally learn a foreign language entering college. With that objective in mind I began my Japanese studies. Now, I am enjoying my life here in Sendai, deepening my understanding of Japan while trying to contribute towards society as a member of the community, a lifestyle I never imagined back when I first started.

As for hobbies, I have been playing piano and tennis ever since a young age, and even now in Sendai am able to continue my piano practice. However, for tennis, I am still looking for people to hit with. Recently though I became hooked on bouldering, and have been using most of my free time practicing climbing. Yoroshiku onegashimasu!








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